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1gb ram-1core-100gb hdd-3tb/mo-27$/year
€26.00EUR Annually

2x5620-32gbram-8x146gbhdd-32ip-10tb/mo traffic-81$/mo
€81.00EUR Monthly

4core-4gbram-400gb hdd-40$/yr-10tb/mo traffic
€6.50EUR Monthly

4 core

4 gb ram

400 gb hdd raid 10

1gbps port speed


10tb/mo traffic

dedi 2x L5630-32gb ram-6tb hdd-10tb traffic/mo
€269.00EUR Quarterly

DL160 G6 processor 2x L5630 (8 core , 16 threads)

32 gb ram (upgrade for free in 6 month to 48 gb)

6x1tb sata3 1tb (6tb total) + upgrade with 2 tb in the next cycle of payment past 6 mo

1gbps port speed shared (up to 250 mbps download/upload)

10 tb/mo traffic included

1 ipv4

€70.00EUR Monthly

Hdd 1x1tb sata 3

1gbps port speed (shared)

5 ipv4 included

Unmetered traffic

Price 70 eur/mo

dedicated 2x L5630-32 gb ram-1 tb hdd-80eur/mo
€80.00EUR Monthly

DL160 G6, 2x L5630

32gb ram

1gbps port speed

5 ip included

50 tb/mo traffic included

Dell 2xquad core 16 gb ram -5 ip includeed
€57.00EUR Monthly

DL160 G6, 2x L5630, 16GB RAM 4 ip included
€64.00EUR Monthly

DL160 G6, 2x L5630 (2xquad core -16 threads)

16 gb ram

600 gb hdd SAS 15k

4 ipv4

1gbps port speed (shared)

30 tb/mo traffic included.

Openvz-4gb ram-50 gb HDD-2core
€20.00EUR Monthly