Speed downgrade in Bucharest and Oradea durring the next days ! Resolved !

Edit : The network issue was resolved.


Hello , 

in the next coming days we will implement Telia upstream and this will cause some low speed until we will have all set correctly. 


Sorry for any Trouble.




24th Feb 2021
Bor10 node migration !

Subject: bor10 - migration, new hardware, network and IO!   Dear clients;   We're writing this email to inform you that your VPS hosted on bor10 is going to be migrated to better hardware - this will feature not only better hardware, but as network and IO performance.   However, this comes at a cost. Sadly, the IP will need to change, so ... Read More »

8th Feb 2021
ornvme1 node quick upgrade




today we will do a quick upgrade to our ornvme1 node in order to add some more ram. We estimate 10-15 min downtime. Sorry for any trouble.


Hostsolutions.ro TEAM

20th Jan 2021
bor19 node replace

Hello Dear customers , 


today we will have 15-30 min downtime in the node called bor19 because we want to replace some parts in order to avoid future problems.



Hostsolutions.ro Team

15th Jan 2021
Bucssd3 node reboot

Dear clients , 


we have made a upgrade to our bucssd3 node from bucharest. The node was need a reboot so will be up in the next 5 min.




Hostsolutions.ro Team

8th Jan 2021
Oradea ipv4 change for the prefix 45.14**

Update 07.01.07 9.30 Romanian time  we have finish the ip change except ssd3 node wich will be migrated to Bucharest.   Hello dear customers ,    starting from tumorrow 04.01.2021 we will start to change all ipv4 to the clients (located in Oradea) who have ip from the prefix 45*  due of some network issue. This process will take upt to ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2021
Oradea Downtime

Update : we are in process to recuperate the data of vel7 node , we will keep update this thread once is done.


Update : back to normal , except vel7 node wich need future investigation.


Electrical system problem part of servers have no electricity. Estimated replacement 1 Hour. 



26th Dec 2020
New location ---Norway !!!

we are pleased to announce that from tomorrow 03.11.2020 www.hostsolutions.ro will start offering services in Norway. Attached you will find pictures of the first rack waiting to be populated.   Thank you for being with us, The team www.hostsolutions.ro   PS , some images can be found in the follow link ... Read More »

3rd Nov 2020
Bor9 array problem!

Hello,    we note a array problem today at 8.30 PM Romanian time in our storage node called "bor9" , we work in resolve this problem asap. Thanks for understad and sorry for any trouble we caused.   Update : in this moment we are unable to recuperate the old data in this node so we will start to reprovide new vps to all customers hosted in ... Read More »

5th Aug 2020
Stor15 node problem!

Dear clients ,    we have detect some issues in the stor15 node in the last 2 days so we are obligate to power down this server and change the raid controller , this will take some hours (we estimate between 1-12 hours ) until the job is done.  We are really sorry for this inconvenience.   Regards,  HostSolutions.ro Team   Update : ... Read More »

1st Jul 2020