Hello Dear customers , 


Due to electrical problems 2 of the netapp no longer start. We inform you that at this moment we have no estimate time until the problem is solved. We assure you that we are working on this issue and we will come back with an update once we have it.


Update 05.06.2021 : We have locate the problem and seems to be a overcharge in our UPS , we continue to try to recuperate the data from the hdd`s.


Update : Today we have finis to verif all hdd of 12 tb involved in this incident and we have recuperate like 120 hdd. The rest hdd is with warnings (we will try to recuperate the data if is possible) . Also we have decided to refund the remains monts prepayed to all customers wich the data will be unrecuperated and add credit for 1 year prepayed like a compensation. To the clients with the data recuperated we will offer 6 month for free service. Any of client who is affected will have the posibility to ask refund for the remain mont`s no metter if we recuperate your data or not. Personally i really sorry for this incident , was affected much our business but i hope we will pass this mes.



Hostsolutions.ro Team

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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