ornvme1 node quick upgrade




today we will do a quick upgrade to our ornvme1 node in order to add some more ram. We estimate 10-15 min downtime. Sorry for any trouble.


Hostsolutions.ro TEAM

20th Jan 2021
bor19 node replace

Hello Dear customers , 


today we will have 15-30 min downtime in the node called bor19 because we want to replace some parts in order to avoid future problems.



Hostsolutions.ro Team

15th Jan 2021
Bucssd3 node reboot

Dear clients , 


we have made a upgrade to our bucssd3 node from bucharest. The node was need a reboot so will be up in the next 5 min.




Hostsolutions.ro Team

8th Jan 2021
Oradea ipv4 change for the prefix 45.14**

Update 07.01.07 9.30 Romanian time  we have finish the ip change except ssd3 node wich will be migrated to Bucharest.   Hello dear customers ,    starting from tumorrow 04.01.2021 we will start to change all ipv4 to the clients (located in Oradea) who have ip from the prefix 45*  due of some network issue. This process will take upt to ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2021